Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas with the Kids...

Christmas  is a very special time in the primary classroom...We put up the decorations, we sing carols, we prepare for the Christmas pageant...Most teachers will tell you that this is the term they enjoy the most.

Here are three of  my favourite Christmas-Themed websites, with a short description of each. Enjoy!

  •  Quite a good website, and will keep students of all ages entertained for hours...Click on the village houses to access the different activities available...Children can listen to stories, read about the Elves, watch the North Pole weather forecast, send e-postcards to each other and even send a letter to Santa Himself!
  •  For slightly older students, this websites explores different Christmas traditions around the world, with more stories to read, activities and fun games.  A special thank you to my colleague Marica Saliba for pointing this site out to me (thanks a lot!)
  •   This is another Christmas-Village themed site, where the children click on the different houses in order to read Santa's Posts, discover who is 'naughty' and who is 'nice', learn all about the Elves and the Reindeers and play Christmas-Themed games.
I hope your children enjoy these websites as much as mine did...Have fun !


  1. Interesting and useful. Keep it up!
    Gordon Farrugia.

  2. Well Done! Keep up the good work!
    I found your blog very interesting.